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Relações com Investidores: comunicação Online e Offline Integradas

Build influence, authority and awareness of your brand

Online and Offline spontaneous media strategy

Relacionamento com o mercado: planejamento de campanhas e capacitação estratégica

Reputação Antifrágil: estratégias para a era da superexposição

Push releases to national media

Help your brand to built relationship with main Brazilian journalists


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Economics for Journalists

Reputation Management

Linkedin for Business Training Course


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About Jornalistica PR

Jornalistica Media Relations is a PR company focused on helping brands and professionals go to market and communicate with the audience that matter most their business and be part of the conversation. All our services are available without a permanent binding contract. We can create a personalized communication package the moment you need it. We are expert in Lifestyle, Arts, Luxury, Healthcare, Social Medias, Reputation Management, Travel & Tourism and Technology. For additional informations, feel free to contact us anytime: contato@jornalistica.com.br